Mind's Eye EP

by Blue Town Syndicate

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released March 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Blue Town Syndicate Los Angeles, California

Blue Town Syndicate is a LA based music production company centered around the works of producer Joe Fabio. The BTS is all about breaking the genre barrier and venturing into all sorts of styles to groove to!

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Track Name: TH8A - Working Life
I'm a working man, with the 9 to 5 hours. Gotta be a slave, just so I can be free. You know the rules are bent, when you gotta pay rent just to live on planet earth. Sell your waking life, just to chase that dream.

Just wanna knock out before I clock out
Cause by then the day is over
and it would feel good if i could
come home to my lady
but the working life got my girl out of sight
and im sellin all my time away.
just remember I'll be home before too long

Oh I'm a working man, oh how much can I stand
but if I stop than I would be so for shamed.
I'm workin for the man, but if i take a stand
then everybody would be all the same

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Transmutation
The physical world
aint nothin but a momentary lie
that I'm seeing through... that I'm seeing through
Metaphysical world

everything we see is just imaginary
everything we are is matter made from stars in space and time
all these things we see that we think we need
is matter made from mind it doesn't matter, no

everyone is starting to believe
that everything in life is forever to be
everyone is starting now to see
that everything we are is within and without you

(repeat chorus)

i'm thinking life's a dream
and it aint what it seems
and how we came to be is through geometry
the universal flow
of energy will go
through frequency and vibration of universal mind.